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After a bad car accident I was sent to see Dr. Gilmore. I had exhausted the physical therapy and massage therapy options. After 12 appointments with Dr. Gilmore pressure all along my spine drastically decreased. Constant discomfort I experienced before treatment also drastically decreased. This comes from the only change in my treatment during this time, adding chiropractic therapy with Dr. Gilmore, a one-time chiropractic skeptic; I will continue period treatment well beyond my treatment settlement.

Nick R. -Age 30

I have practiced dental hygiene for 32 years. I was suffering from chronic neck pain, and after trying acupuncture and massage; I still had pain and immobility. I was referred to NWCC. Dr. Estabrook identified the problem, and after the 2nd visit, I was experiencing relief that I never had. Dr. Estabrook has the confidence and knowledge that you want in a healthcare professional. The girls at the front desk are great too! I would recommend NWCC and Dr. Estabrook to anyone with chronic pain.

Carleen D.

When I first came in it felt like I had knife stuck in my shoulder 24/7, after 2 visits I realized there were times throughout the day I had no pain. As time and a few more visits have gone by, it is amazing how much my shoulder has improved. I still can’t lift anything heavy without pain, but have no doubt that I will soon! I now sleep at night without sleeping aids! I believe with the massage and acupuncture my treatments here will have me a whole and able to lift and more pain free! Everyone here has been so wonderful to me, I am telling all my friends!

Michelle P.

Lew Estabrook is a magician. I had back pains (upper and lower) for many years, but otherwise in good shape and exercised regularly. I faithfully went to physical therapy for a year and did my daily back exercises as prescribed, but still the back pain continued. Finally my physical therapist suggested I see Lew. I did and in one adjustment I was pain free. I try to see Dr. Estabrook about once a month, as that keeps me pain free. He is so devoted to his patients, experienced and knowledgeable on all parts of the body. I have also used his “magic” for tennis elbow, sprained ankle, tight forearm muscles and stiff neck. My entire family also sees Dr. Estabrook and each has a different issue. We think he is “the best” chiropractor!

Jan W.

Dr. Lew Estabrook has been providing excellent and caring care to my family and myself since 1989. I find that the quality of his care and the personal care that he gives each of his patients cannot be overstated. His commitment to the health and well-being of his patients and his professional skill is at the top of the scale! Thank you!

Joel H.

I am so glad I found Dr. Clanton at Northwest Chiropractic! I am a senior citizen and he has helped me immensely with my back problems. I highly recommend him to my family, friends, neighbors, and everyone!

Shirley S.

Thank you Dr. Clanton for all your help! Tom’s back is feeling great and he has nothing but praise for how quickly you took care of his problem. “No more pain pills and it only took 3 appointments.”

Cathy W.