At Northwest Chiropractic Center, it is our goal to give you the best possible chiropractic care, massage therapy and dietary/nutritional planning to achieve the best possible results as fast as possible. From family practice doctors to specialists, local area M.D.s know us and appreciate the fast results we achieve.  Our Massage therapists provide a variety of massage techniques: Deep tissue massage, medical massage, sports massage, pregnancy massage, intraoral techniques, neuromuscular therapy/trigger-point therapy, and myofascial release.

Cynthia Larson, LMP

Has been practicing massage therapy for over 19 years and loves her job. She relies heavily on her many years experience in the field to be able to educate and ‘read’ each patient and give them a customized and therapeutic massage experience. She started here at Northwest Chiropractic Center in 2003 and adores her faithful clientele.  She specializes in deep-tissue massage, and intraoral techniques.  One important recommendation that Cynthia suggests for her all of her patients is to stay happy and healthy by having awareness of their body so they can make better and informed choices about the way they engage in their favorite daily activities.

A unique fact about Cynthia is that she is a second-generation Kirkland Washingtonian, and enjoys every second she spends here with her family and friends.

Jenn Wassler, LMP

A graduate of Cortiva School of Massage in Seattle and has been practicing massage therapy in a variety of settings for five years.
Jen has a strong background in injury treatment, motor vehicle accidents, medical massage, sports massage, and pregnancy massage. She utilizes a variety of techniques in order to carefully and sensitively meet the diverse, individual needs and concerns of her clients. Her massage style is slow, deep, and focused, which promotes relaxation and therapeutic effects.   She remains a student of her profession by pursuing additional skills and advanced techniques in the field of wellness and healing.  Jen is a Washington State Licensed Massage Practitioner, Nationally Certified, and a member of the American Massage Therapy Association. She believes that wellness and healing are a cooperative effort, and she is eager to be a part of the healing process with you.

Jen suggests to her clients to start their own stretching/yoga practice as aftercare. This will not only supplement the massage but also prolong the benefits of the massage and support healthy living as well.

A fun fact about Jen is that she grew up riding horses and worked on her mom and dad’s dairy farm.